An Update on Bellaire Debris Management

The week of September 25 has been the most productive debris removal week yet.  The City’s contractor has removed more than 32,000 cubic yards of debris from in front of homes since the operation began on the 8th of September; and the first of at least three passes the contractor will provide is nearing completion.  The City’s Public Works Department is working to complete debris removal in solid waste area B.  This is the area of the community north of Bellaire Boulevard and West of IH 610.  The City’s contractor will be working to wrap up the first pass in the Southdale dale area in the coming days and will be continuing their efforts throughout the rest of the community as well.  Residents are encouraged to check the Debris Collection Daily Update link on the City’s website, for additional informationI  on debris removal progress.   The link includes a map showing which areas have been addressed and gives residents a glimpse into where progress will next be made.  

Below are a few tips to help keep the debris operation running as smoothly as possible:

  • Separate your normal solid waste from your storm debris
  • Keep your storm debris away from trees as they inhibit the contractors ability to effectively remove debris
  • Do not place debris near, atop or adjacent to things of value to you, decorative pavers, tiled walkways, etc.  Debris removal is not a delicate operation and it is important that residents take steps to minimize damage to their personal property
  • White goods (appliances) and electronics will be picked up during the second or third debris removal pass.  
  • House hold hazardous waste (HHW) including paint, gasoline, chemicals, etc will also be picked up during the second or third pass. 

This notice is from the City of Bellaire. 

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Re: An Update on Bellaire Debris Management

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