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Dumped Black Mouth Cur Mix

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From Friends of the Bellaire Pound:

UPDATE 5/5/22:
FOSTER NEEDED for the weekend!
We would like to learn more about his personality. We are hoping to get him on the bus at the end of May. He is healthy. Potty trained. Would love to lounge in the yard. He is a big boy. We know it’s Mother’s Day, but he doesn’t. He will be so very sad at the pound without his people

No STRAY HOLDPlease network him and the other 3 pups. We are dangerously close to FULL CAPACITY. We DO NOT double up on dogs in kennels.
CHAINED & DUMPED 5/3/22: MALE BLACK MOUTH CUR MIX @ BELLAIRE POUND! This male dog was dumped and tied to a tree with chains and a note overnight on the 4900 block of Laurel outside the Loop in Bellaire. He is now in the Bellaire Pound and we have named him Zane. If this is your dog, please come to the Bellaire Police Department station so you may be fined and hopefully arrested for multiple violations of the law including abandonment of an animal. Please share and help us find this poor baby a rescue group! friendsofbellairepound@gmail.com
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