PREGNANT Pound Pup Guinevere Needs 4 Day Foster Home TOMORROW 11/27  


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November 26, 2019 11:45 am  

Last Thursday, BPD discovered that one of our Brindle hounds in the pound is PREGNANT with 7 puppies, due mid-December! This was quite an emergency, as BPD's Animal Control Officer started vacation last Friday, and does not return until the Monday after Thanksgiving. During this period, the pound dogs have VERY little supervision, a few minutes per day for feeding, and otherwise are totally unattended and exposed to the elements in their outdoor pins. We found a foster for Guinevere in Bellaire for a few days, however this family is leaving town tomorrow, Wednesday 11/27, so Guinevere desperately needs a new place to sleep until Sunday or Monday. Otherwise she will be returning to her outdoor pin at the pound tomorrow morning! She is under city-contracted veterinary care, on flea/tick/HW meds and fully vaccinated. Father of the puppies, Lancelot, is also in the Bellaire Pound. Guinevere is wanting a lot of affection and pets from humans, and not wanting to share this affection too much with other dogs, as she is very late in pregnancy. She would therefore do best in a foster home with no other dogs, or dogs who are laid-back/older. Please email if you can foster her for a few days over the holidays! She can be dropped to your home tomorrow with food! 

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November 27, 2019 2:24 pm  

Bellaire-Richmond Pet Hospital, Guinevere's vet, is graciously allowing her to stay there today 11/27 through Friday 11/29. She still needs somewhere to go for just the weekend! Bellaire's AC Officer comes back on shift Monday morning. 

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December 3, 2019 9:51 am  

Thank you to two neighbors who fostered her over the holidays! Guinevere, her puppies, and the dad Lancelot were all just accepted by RPM and are heading to a rescue group in Colorado! Happy Tails!


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