• owleyes posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or do people get overly crazy about sidewalks?

    • Nope not just you. I’ve noticed the same thing.

      • Measure 5ft from curb to grass on residential designated streets, measure 6 feet if designated commercial. Remove all trees, shrubs and decorations in this pathway and then you will see why home owners are upset…

        • How many actually have obstacles and aren’t they planning to go around them?

          • Take a walk down Evergreen Street and picture 6FT sidewalks because it is designated commercial. Remove the obstacles of 50 to 100 year old trees and you don’t have a problem.
            To go around them ask the owner to give up part of his land to compensate for the sidewalk.

            Obstacles…a callous term to what makes Bellaire different from any other congested, concreted densely packed city.