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Miracle Fence Works

Miracle Fence Works

Miracle Fence Works Restoration and Preservation – “Old to Gold for Years Untold”, the homeowner can do "just his side", and typically for less than 1/2 the cost of a new fence.   Click to see our latest Newsletter.


PLEASE READ: The Economics of Restoration vs New

GREAT SAVINGS - “Twice the Value – Half the Price.    Eco Savings too!

RESTORATION of existing wood fencing – could be warped, thick with vines (dead or alive), broken/rotten pickets, even leaning fences.   Restoration includes ASTM cleaning back to “good wood”, all needed repairs, and color-blending of new wood. Followed by our proprietary preservative-finish to enhance/beautify the natural wood color and to protect against UV degradation and water soak.

Old to Gold for Years Untold”, warranted for five years - and we expect more.

COLOR and FINISH – Preservative-finished in “Natural” reflecting the color of the underlying “good wood”.   Or, chose a new color or shade, not a “paint or stain”, but

A true preservative-finish – guarding against UV degradation.  Also later renewable at nominal cost to keep your fence looking sharp perpetually.

NEW FENCING, TOO .. even in combination with restored fencing, same yard. 

SAFE for PLANTS and PETS - nothing toxic involved in the entire process.

Miracle Fence Works is based on Historic Preservation Technology adapted for wood fencing by Larry D. Jones, ASTM author and MFW Founder.  Learn more about us at .    More than 150 projects completed in Bellaire, West U, and Memorial. 

Best way to get started is to email Larry at for a free visit and review of your fencing options.


  • Miracle Fence Works
  • Miracle Fence Works
  • Miracle Fence Works