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Mayor Friedberg discuss budgeting for FY 2020.

In his latest blog post, Mayor Friedberg discusses the City’s budget, cost cutting, and added expenses, including a resident petitioned off-cycle sidewalks charter election in May at an expense of $80,500.

Recent Bellaire Burglaries:

7/04  4600 block of Braeburn
7/04  4600 block of Evergreen
7/05  4800 block of Holt
7/08  5200 block of Mimosa
7/11  4900 block of Linden

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Sokol Volleyball

Bellaire High School Alum Debbie Sokol talks about how she became so passionate about volleyball that she created a series of camps, clinics, and lessons for girls to fill the gap between school ball and club ball. 

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