Bellaire Metro Transit Center temporarily closed  


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August 23, 2019 11:04 am  

UPDATE: Reopened

From the City of Bellaire:

The Metro Transit Center on Bellaire Boulevard has been temporarily closed to due to a bus accident last night. There was some damage to one of the columns that supports the canopy that will require an engineering assessment prior to reopening. Metro is no longer picking up passengers at this location until it is safe to do so. We appreciate your patience during this time.

The Chronicle reports that "the Metro Bellaire Transit Center is closed temporarily after two men were struck by a bus in Bellaire, officials said. The men were reportedly hit by a Metro bus around 11 p.m. Thursday when the bus operator somehow lost control of the vehicle, said Metro spokeswoman Monica Russo. The two men were taken to local hospitals in an unknown condition, she said.  It is unclear how many people were on the bus during the incident, she said."

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