Coyote seen at Nature Discovery Center  


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February 7, 2020 11:11 am  

A coyote was spotted running through Nature Discovery Center on Wednesday, February 5.

From the Nature Discovery Center:

This morning we had a visitor at the nature center. This coyote was exploring around the quail and rabbit cages next to the house. It’s not unusual to see the occasional coyote wandering through Bellaire. They are not a danger to people. Coyotes wandering through the city are looking to feed on small animals like rats and squirrels, and to grab a few morsels from a trashcan. We tend to see more coyotes in the city, when development pushes them out of the more natural areas where they live. Coyotes are remarkable animals, who are quite capable of changing their diet and behavior to survive in a variety of habitats and situations.

If you have any questions about urban coyotes, feel free to email our head naturalist at


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