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We’ve got a few grant students left for you to host. These students competed against hundreds of other students from their respective countries for a chance to come to the US and spend an academic year here with an American host family. They each excel in academics, civic leadership and social skills. They are all around a great group of students that are very appreciative of the chance to be here in the US. The grant students we have left are…


Bori from Hungary – (F) Boardgames, horseback riding, dancing, yoga


Hadil from Palestinian Territories – (F) Theatre, volunteering


Manzura from Uzbekistan – (F) Reading, drawing and quilling


Nora from Israel – (F) Music, wrestling, biology, photography


Oleg from Lithuania  - (M) Tennis, theatre, debate, swimming, reading, volleyball


Sitora from Uzbekistan – (F) Reading, cooking, soccer, badminton, photography, rhythmic dance, gymnastics, yoga, robotics


Zhenya from Bulgaria – (F) Art, nature, music, dancing, reading


All it takes to host is to provide 3 meals a day and a place for the student to sleep. Each student comes with their own spending money, health insurance and a desire to learn about the American way of life.


If you are interested in hosting one of these students, please give me a call at 832-455-7881, DM or email me at


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