Mayor Friedberg discusses potential 2019 Bond Program  


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October 24, 2018 4:27 pm  

In his latest blog post, Mayor Friedberg discusses the potential for a new bond program in 2019 to continue the infrastructure work going on now from the 2016 bond program.

They Mayor states that "As presently contemplated, a 2019 bond program would focus solely on our most critical infrastructure needs:  streets and drainage, water and wastewater.  Consistent with public input since Harvey and at the urging of our citizen Flood Hazard Mitigation Task Force, we’re aggressively prioritizing local drainage improvements and our participation in regional flood control efforts as much as possible.  Funding for these projects would nearly double the pace of BBB16, by further deferring other, unfunded items in the Capital Improvement Plan, namely Evergreen Park, the Library and Public Works administration building."

Read the full blog post HERE.


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