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April 28, 2020 7:09 pm  

With Texas on its way to opening up to the world again, why not join in and open your heart and your home by hosting an international exchange student.

STS Foundation is currently looking for volunteer host families for the 2020/2021 school year for some pretty amazing students. Listed below are some of the YES/FLEX grant students that have been assigned to the Houston area that are waiting for a family. Please help make their dream come true.

For more information on hosting, please contact me at 832-455-7881, PM me or email at

Adela from Czech Republic - I am really mature, honest, responsible, and curious. , Reading, Snowboarding, Ice-Skating, Bike riding, Swimming, In-Line Skating, Volunteer, Running

Bori from Hungary - Smart, Loving, Caring, Leader, and responsible. , Board Games, Horse Riding, Dancing, Yoga

Laura from Indonesia - Caring, Athletic, Smart, leader, and motivated. , Watching Movies, Cooking, Swimming, Piano, Painting and writing calligraphy, walks, bike riding

Tamari from Georgia - Outgoing, Smart, Mature, Leader, Motivated, responsible. , Piano, Singing, Guitar, Music, Cooking, Gardening

Yelizaveta from Ukraine - Honest, responsible, Curious, Venturous, Explore, Mature, Swimming, Skiing, Guitar, Dancing, Art, Gym, Cooking


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