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July 9, 2019 1:00 pm  

We are coming down to the wire - host families are needed for the following students. Please help fulfill their dreams of coming to the US!

Maria from Spain - I am really talkative and an extrovert. I like to do sports and go on a walks with friends or family. I am sensible and very adaptable. I love to play sports, specially soccer and basketball. I enjoy listening to music and going out with friends

Silvia from Italy - I consider myself a kind and helpful girl. I think this experience abroad will give me the opportunity to become more mature and independent. I'm a flexible girl too, indeed I'm always open to meet new people and to discover new places, I adapt easily to new experiences and I'm curious to learn new things, especially to know new cultures. I love doing outdoor activities like walking in the nature. Another passion I have is cooking, I can cook many Italian dishes and I'll be very happy to cook some of these to my future Host Family.

Alberte from Denmark - I will describe myself as an open-minded, social, positive, honest and smiling person, who loves to meet new people and to make new friendships. I like to spend time outside in the summer, with family and friends, going to the beach especially at our summer house. Here we swim, sail in our boat or walk along the beachI dance in a dance studio twice a week. I like to listen to music and I used to sing in a choir.

Arthur from France - I am 16 years old and I am very happy about this project because I'm curious about learning American culture as well as the language. I’m frank and honest but quite emotional. I like sharing good time and friendly moments. I am social and open-minded I like being with friends. I am very creative, I fond of fixing things and building up modelsI like nature and trekking in natural environment. I am dynamic I must practice sports it makes me feel good. I love skiing and skating. At school my favorite subject are maths, physics and chemistry. I Started playing the guitar last summer and I would like to go on if I have time.

Please contact me at 832-455-7881, PM me or email at for more information.

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