Burglary of a Habitation - 43xx Cynthia (with video)  


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July 18, 2019 3:46 pm  

Offense Type: Burglary of a Habitation 

* Issued: July 18, 2019

* Forwarded To: All, Public Release

* Issued By: Officer Trujillo – Public Release Edit – Officer Edwards

* Offense Date: July 17, 2019 

* Location: 43xx Cynthia 



  On 07/17/2019 at approximately 1244 hours, an unknown white female enters a residence and removed multiple items from the house.  A second female is believed to be driving the suspect vehicle, a light-colored Chevrolet extended cab truck.  There is a video below that shows the suspects in and around the house.  

The first suspect appears to be a late-teens, early-20s white female with brown curly hair, tied up in a bun.  She has multiple tattoos: one on her left forearm, one on the back of her left hand, one on the front of her upper right thigh, one on her outer left calf, one large one on the back of her right calf.  She is wearing a blue t-shirt and gray shorts.  Her shoes are black and white checkered Vans slip-on sneakers.

The second female suspect appears to be a late-teens, early-20s white female, with blonde hair, also tied up in a bun.  She is wearing oversized sunglasses, a blue t-shirt, black or dark blue yoga pants, white sneakers, with no visible tattoos. 

Please call the Bellaire Police at 713.668.0487 with any information.  


burglar 3 bc
burglar 2 bc
burglar 1 bc

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