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Burglary of a Habitation - 54xx Pine - video of capture

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Offense Type: Burglary of a Habitation 

* Issued: February 18, 2020

* Forwarded To: All, Public Release

* Issued By: Officer J. Baylis – Public Release Edit – Officer Edwards

* Offense Date: February 15, 2020

* Location: 54xx Pine


   On 02/15/2020 at 7:06 pm, Officers were dispatched to a burglary alarm at a residence.  Officers arrived at 7:08 pm and observed two suspects fleeing the house.  A perimeter was set up and one suspect was located at 7:21 pm.  The second suspect had climbed onto a roof of a nearby house and was hiding.  Bellaire and Houston Police Officers narrowed down the search area with the help of Houston K-9.  A DJI Matrice 210 (commonly referred to as a drone) equipped with an XT2 camera (donated by the Bellaire Police and Fire Foundation) was launched and located the suspect.  Watch the video below for the capture.  

As the video starts, the suspect’s heat signature is seen in yellow on top of the two story house.  Officers also can be seen  on the outside of the gate and in the backyard of the residence.  After being spotted by the Matrice, the suspect is given verbal orders by the officers on the ground.  The suspect then slides down the roof towards officers who are directing his movements.  One of the HPD K-9 is seen in the backyard working towards the front of the house, at which time the suspect is told to climb the rest of the way off the roof.  There were no injuries to this suspect or officers during the arrest that followed.  


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