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Robbery Suspect Fires at Officer


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From the Bellaire Police Department:

November 10, 2020 Bellaire TX - At approximately 3:35 PM Bellaire Police Corporal S. O'Sullivan observed what appeared to be a disturbance or possible robbery in progress in the 5700 block of Bissonnet. The suspect was seen running with what was believed to be the victim's purse.

O'Sullivan was in a marked Bellaire Police Department patrol car. The suspect observed Corporal O'Sullivan approaching and pulled an unknown type of handgun, firing at least three shots at O'Sullivan. Two of the suspect's bullets appear to have hit the front left top of the patrol car. The suspect fled south on foot and O'Sullivan pursued. 

The suspect ran to the 5600 block of Whitehaven St. in Bellaire where he took cover behind a tree. O'Sullivan gave verbal commands for the suspect to drop his weapon and surrender. The suspect eventually complied with O'Sullivan's instructions by throwing down his handgun and raising his hands. At that time O'Sullivan placed the suspect in custody without any further incident.

The victim's purse stolen by the suspect was also recovered. Additional investigation found the suspect's vehicle was parked on Whitehaven. He had parked his vehicle there with plans to return after the robbery. The suspect was taken to the Bellaire jail to be booked and charged. At the time of this release, the suspect had refused to provide his name or other information.

Investigation showed the pistol, a Glock 9MM semi-automatic, was reported as stolen on September 29, 2020 from Fort Bend County Texas.


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