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July 7, 2020 5:22 pm  

One fence down on the ground, rotted fence posts.  The other fence "lost in space", forever bent at about 30 degrees.  It got that way via a condition common to Bellaire.   A fence is built on new fill-soil  (maybe different on opposite sides of the fence) and after a few years of shifting and pushing, the soil settles the post into a permanent posture, often less than straight-up.  We just restored more than 400 linear feet of such fencing (150 feet on both sides).  The results were spectacular.  Click here to see and learn more. 

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"Twice the Value Half the Price" compared to a new fence .. and maybe less.   "Old to Gold for Years Untold", warranted for five.     There is probably "good wood" below the grey on your fence. Restoration includes all needed repairs for pickets, rails, leaning sections, and balky gates - followed by surface preparation and application of our Preservative Process.   If we do your whole yard fencing, we will include include a professional KleaningAmerica power wash cleaning of your driveway and sidewalks.    Father and son, Larry (MFW) and Carlos (KleaningAmerica) combine to restore wood fencing in Bellaire and other  fine neighborhoods.    We have now done 13 projects in Bellaire in the last year.

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