All information is from the Bellaire Police Department.

November 2017

11/10/2017 – 44xx VIVIAN STREET – On 11/10/2017 at 1619 hours, Officer Liccketto was dispatched to 44xx Vivian Street in reference to an aggravated robbery. The victims were working at a house when two black males approached them. Both suspects were armed with handguns and struck each victim in the head. The suspects then fled on foot and got into a vehicle and fled the scene. One victim got into his vehicle and pursued but was unable to follow the suspects due to heavy traffic.

January 2018

1/14/2018 – 49xx BEECH STREET – On 01/14/2018 at 0850 hours, Officers were dispatched to the above location in reference to a burglary in progress. Responding officers located the suspect in the backyard of 5001 Palmetto Street. During the course of the investigation it was determined this case was a robbery. The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with felony robbery.