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Recent Home Burglaries
12/10 4900 block of Braeburn
10/31 5600 block of Maple
09/12 4900 block of Spruce

Recent Car Burglaries
02/12 6300 block of Avenue B
02/09 4800 block of Furnace
02/09 5600 block of West Loop S
02/05 4800 block of Wedgewood
02/03 4500 block of Evergreen

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Party at the Pavilion

Party at the Pavilion

The Reverb Cartel, a high energy, classic rock band that performs popular danceable covers of your favorite songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s! This local Houston band will be playing June 7, from 7-9pm at Bellaire’s Pavilion.



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