From the City of Bellaire:

Below is an overview from the October 1, 2018 Bellaire City Council meeting. These are not the official minutes of the meeting.


Board and Commission Periodic Review:

Presentation and discussion of feedback received from boards and commissions as part of a city code- required periodic review. City Council liaisons reported the results of each board and commission discussion. During the regular session, City Council appointed a sub-committee consisting of Mayor Friedberg, Council Member Michael Fife and Council Member David Montague to develop specific recommendations for council action to amend the duties of certain boards and commissions.


Recognition of Proclamations:

October 2018 – National Colonial Heritage Month in the City of Bellaire in recognition of the rich culture and heritage upon which our country was founded.

October 7-13, 2018 – Fire Prevention Week in the City of Bellaire, recognizing the 2018 Fire Prevention Week theme, “Look. Listen. Be aware – fire can happen anywhere.”

September 27, 2018 – First Responder Appreciation Day in the City of Bellaire, in recognition and gratitude of our community’s first responders.

Reports and Presentations:

Presentation of the City of Bellaire World Trade Center Memorial Project, including updates on proposed concepts, stakeholder input, and private fundraising strategies. No action was requested of the City Council. Next steps include the creation of a stakeholder group to develop a fundraising strategy and refine the conceptual design. No City funding is planned for this project.

Bellaire City Council considered action regarding the following:

• City Council approved the suspension of the curfew in Bellaire Town Square for the Tents in Town event to be held Nov. 8, 2018.

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City of Bellaire

City Council Meeting Overview October 2, 2018

  • A contract with BBG Consulting, Inc., for services necessary for the enforcement of the City’s building codes to include construction plan review and the provision of onsite inspection services in an estimated annual amount of $125,000.00 was approved.
  • Due to the absence of the requesting Council Member, no action was taken on a request to repeal or modify an ordinance requiring that all new construction include the installation of sidewalks along each side of a property abutting a public street. This item was moved to the October 15, 2018 City Council meeting.
  • City Council approved the adoption of the $.43 property tax rate and tax levy for FY 2019 which is slightly less than the effective tax rate.
  • City Council approved the assignment of Council Member Trisha Pollard as the Representative and Council Member Gus A. Pappas as the Official Alternate to the General Assembly of the Houston-Galveston Area Council for the year 2019.
  • Removal the 4500 block of Teas Street from the scope of the Bonds for Better Bellaire 2016 Group D Phase 1 Sidewalk project was approved.Please check the City of Bellaire’s website at to view the entire meeting or for updates on the scheduled meetings.If you would like to sign up to speak at a City Council meeting, please contact the City Clerk more information on the sidewalk projects, contact Cristin Emshoff by or by office phone 713-662-8157.For more information or if you have a general question, please contact Cheryl Bright, Community Relations Administrator at or 713-662-8286.