From the City of Bellaire: The Bellaire Fire Department has been trimming tree limbs above the streets throughout Bellaire. While an ordinance requires the homeowner to maintain tree canopy at 13 feet above the street, Bellaire Fire Department has been trimming back low hanging branches to facilitate the safe passage of service vehicles.

The Fire Department will continue to trim low hanging tree limbs in the coming months that measure 3 inches or less in diameter. The Fire Department is not cutting back limbs to the 13 foot standard. The Fire and Public Works departments will work in tandem to pick up the limbs in a timely manner. Homeowners with tree limbs larger than 3 inches in diameter and lower than 13 feet above the street will receive a letter requesting that action be taken to trim the tree in compliance with City ordinance.

Please contact City of Bellaire Code Compliance in Development Services for more information. or 713-662-8237