Principal McDonough explains the plans in a message to parents.

“Over the past two months there has been much discussion both locally and nationally about gun violence, and, specifically, gun violence in schools.  Bellaire has been no exception to this discussion as many of our students have voiced their opinions, frustrations, and plans for action moving forward.  It has come to my attention that among all of this, many students from Bellaire and surrounding Houston High Schools (both public and private) have organized a student walk out.  They have planned this walk out and march on the City of Houston City Hall for Friday, April 20. Additionally, many high school students that cannot reach the City Hall area have organized a student walkout on each campus that same day.

With the support of the Houston ISD, I want to share with you what Bellaire students have organized, and how Bellaire leadership will respond.  I preface all of this to say that neither the HISD nor Bellaire has an official position regarding the issue that is leading them to demonstrate.  However both the HISD and Bellaire do support their right to demonstrate. Additionally, the law allows us to determine/approve the time, place, and manner in which they do this.

The student-planned Bellaire walkout is scheduled to run from approximately 1:00pm until 1:17pm.  Their plan is to have the 17 minute event take place on campus at the football field. Their program may include minutes of silence, writing their local, state or national congressman, and/or a few short speeches.  5th period ends at 1:17pm and that will be the signal to end the walkout and for students to return to their classes.

This student-created plan is approved as described.  Students that follow this program will not have any disciplinary consequence.”

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