According to Mayor Friedberg’s latest blog post, Interim City Manager Brant Gary has resigned. His last day will be December 3. Brant was the Directory of Public works before becoming the Assistant City Manager and then the Interim City Manager after Paul Hofmann left.

Friedberg said that hiring a new permanent City Manager is already at the top of the list for the new incoming City Council, however the current Council will have to appoint an Interim to serve until that process is complete.

The Mayor pointed out that there were other recent staff resignations and that “it’s no secret that morale is low, and has been for some time.  The organization has surely been affected by all the prolonged uncertainty (16 months is an unusually long time to operate with an Interim City Manager), an often-hostile political climate, and more recently a particularly dispiriting budget process.” He hopes that “the opportunity to hire our next City Manager is also an opportunity to begin repairing our relationship with staff, to rebuild mutual trust and respect, with an appreciation of our respective roles in working together on the same team.”

See the Mayors full blog post here.