From the City of Bellaire:

The City is planning the installation of flap gates in Bellaire to aid the prevention of floodwaters from Brays Bayou from backing into the City’s storm sewer systems during low to moderate rainfall events.

A flap gate is a piece of steel or metal with a hinge at the top used on drainage pipes to keep water flowing in one direction.  Flap gates function when a small difference in water level on the back side of the gate causes it to open automatically to allow the pipe to drain. When water on the downstream side of the gate rises above the water level on the back side (inside the pipe), the gate closes automatically to prevent backflow into the pipe.

The proposed flap gates would be installed at three major storm sewer outfall locations within the City of Bellaire: South Rice Avenue, Newcastle Street, and the railroad ditch on the east side of the City.

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