From the Bellaire Police Department:

The sixteen-year-old Bellaire High School shooting suspect is in custody and has been charged with manslaughter. As more evidence is obtained, that charge could be upgraded. He has been transferred to the Harris County Juvenile Probation Center.

The victim is a 19-year-old Bellaire High School senior.

The handgun has not been recovered, and the suspect may have discarded it upon fleeing the area. Officers conducted a search but were unable to locate it. A request for assistance from the residents living near Bellaire High School was sent asking residents to notify Bellaire Police immediately if they should find what appears to be a handgun on their property.

Detailed information concerning the shooting was not released immediately by the Bellaire Police Department to avoid hindering the investigation and ensure the safe capture of the suspect in a timely manner.

Inquiries regarding the school shooting may also be directed to the Houston Independent School District Media Relations Office.

The investigation is ongoing, and additional information will be released as we can and is appropriate. Thank you.