Crime Profile - Attempted theft 46xx Spruce  


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November 7, 2017 1:44 am  

Attempted theft with video

* Offense Type: Attempted theft 

* Issued: November 06, 2017

* Forwarded To: All, Public Release

* Issued By: Detective Quimby – Public Release Edit – CRO Edwards

* Offense Date: November 06, 2017

* Location: 46xx Spruce  


On 11/06/2017 at approximately 0437 hours, a black male was observed on video attempting to gain access to a vehicle.  The suspect is observed pulling on the door handles, while wearing jean shorts, white shirt and a black backpack. 

If you recognize this individual, please contact the Bellaire Police Department at 713.668.0487 

We would also like to remind you to keep your vehicle and house doors locked at all time.  As seen in this video, it takes only a few seconds for a crook to try and take your items.  



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