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November 8, 2017 11:18 pm  

Burglary of a habitation in West University - with video

Offense Type: Burglary of a habitation  

* Issued: November 08, 2017

* Forwarded To: All, Public Release

* Issued By: West University Place Police – Public Release Edit – Bellaire CRO Edwards

* Offense Date: November 07, 2017

* Location: 58xx Community (West University Place) 


   On 11/07/2017 at approximately 2 PM, the suspect in the video committed a burglary of a habitation.  If you have any information that can lead to the identity of this suspect, please call the West University Place Police at (713) 668-0330 or email at crime@westutx.gov

***** End of release *****

This video shows the movements of the burglar, and can be used to point out some tips for homeowners.  

Notice how the burglar is confident in his walk and not ducking or acting like he is doing anything wrong.  It was later learned that the suspect knocked on several doors before this one, asking each resident about needing any construction work.  

The suspect had a cover story and was looking for a house where there was no answer to his knock.  After knocking on the front door, he goes to the back yard and appears to kick in the rear door.  Therefore, we encourage homeowners to speak with someone knocking at your door (you don’t have to open the door), but at least make your presence known.  

This video also shows how cameras like Ring, Nest, Arlo, and others can be used to remotely monitor your property.  Many can be set up to send you an alert if they sense movement.  

This suspect is not wearing a mask, dark clothes, gloves, or any “typical burglar” outfit.  You should always pay attention to who is in your neighborhood and look out for your neighbors.  If you see something – say something.  Report suspicious activity in Bellaire to the Bellaire Police Department at 713.668.0487

The Bellaire Police Department also conducts free security surveys for Bellaire residents.  You can schedule a survey by calling Officer Edwards at 713.662.8103 or email @bellairepolice.com">jedwards@bellairepolice.com.





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