Back to Work on Bellaire Wood Fencing
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Back to Work in Bellaire - May 2020

Take a drive on the Whipple Loop just off Rice near Evergreen and you will see our latest project, more images below. 

Color change can be had.  

She liked the Gold we promise, but she really wanted a darker "walnut shade" to harmonize with the brick exterior of her beautiful home. We took the challenge and you can see the result.



Notice in the images below the heavy water scale deposits on parts of the fence. Restoring the fence to "good wood" removes the scale, and MFW "color blending" blends these areas and any new picket wood to match the rest of the old restored wood, now free of dead grey wood cells, dirt, etc.

136Whipple2  TheMagic
136Whipple4 SuchaFineFence

Our proprietary preservative process enhances the natural color of the wood and protects it against fade and warp for years to come. In this case, we "color-blended" the entire fence to the color and shade that she wanted, and we can do that for YOU.

All is based on Preservation Technology developed by me, Larry D. Jones, and implemented in collaboration with son Carlos and his KleaningAmerica power wash enterprise. That is, Carlos and I do all the work - no transient labor on your property.

Wood Fence Restoration includes all needed repairs - broken or missing pickets, leaning or wobbly sections, and balky gates. When we fix your gate, you get a lifetime warranty. Meaning that if it ever again needs adjustment to open, close and latch easily, we will come fix it for free.

Wood Fence restoration can be done with all due respect and safety for your landscaping, trees, shrubs, vines, pool decks, whatever.

Have some outdoor wood furniture that is showing its age? We often can do wonders with such. Natural wood panel garage doors, too.

We can also expertly clean patios and pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, and even the entire house exterior.

Email me at or leave a message at 844-744-4050.

136Whipple3 AnotherNiceBellaireNeighborhood

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