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Found Male Boxer Mix


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From Friends of the Bellaire Pound:

FOUND 1/12/22: MALE BOXER MIX “LEONARDO” @ BELLAIRE POUND ! This male boxer mix was found this morning on Evergreen behind the Dollar Store outside the Loop in Bellaire. He has a collar but no tags or chip. He was shaking with his tail between his legs, but was very friendly and happy to be pet. He is severely malnourished with a skin infection. He is now in the Bellaire Pound. If this is your dog or you dumped him, please show up at the Bellaire Police Department at 5110 Jessamine Street so they may arrest you for animal abuse, thank you! We NEED fosters and rescues, please share. We have THREE dogs in the pound and the SPACE HEATERS WENT OUT last night! They have concrete floors, sometimes a towel or small bed, and last we checked no heat.

Please help. Sincerely, FOBP


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