From the City of Bellaire:

The City of Bellaire has activated Stage 1 of its Drought Contingency Plan. We have entered into a period of warmer and drier weather. As such, we expect that water usage will climb.

Bellaire’s surface water comes from man-made lakes, which are also used by other cities that will be affected by the warmer and drier weather. Lake levels may decrease due to heavy demand and dry conditions. Also, dry conditions can increase the chances of wildfires, which likely could create additional demands on water resources. As the demand for water increases while the water supply is under increased stress, it is imperative that all water users are aware of and take positive steps to conserve this valuable resource.

Some helpful tips for conserving water:

  • Do not water lawns daily.  Lawns typically only need about one (1) inch of water per week. (This encourages the growth of deeper roots.)
  • Do not overwater.
  • Do not allow water to run off into the street.
  • Limit washing vehicles.
  • Replace older model showerheads and faucets.
  • Wash only full loads of dishes or clothing.
  • Turn the water off while brushing teeth.
  • Keep showers under five minutes.
  • Check for and repair detectible water leaks as soon as possible.
  • Check your swimming pool to make sure it is not overfilling.
  • Change timers on sprinklers to water after midnight.

For further information on the City of Bellaire Drought Contingency Plan and Water Conservation, please go to the City website at drought