Debrah Hall, owner of DEFINE: Bellaire, talks about what led her to open a fitness studio in Bellaire.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a native Houstonian who has been dedicated to health and wellness all of my adult life. After 30 years serving children and adults with special needs, I turned my service orientation toward helping adults find out how a commitment to health and wellness can empower them to meet the challenges they are faced with daily.

How did you get started in your business?

I began attending DEFINE in 2010 and resonated with the organization’s mission of “educating individuals to be the best that they can be.” I found this mission very similar to the commitment of my previous work, but with a different clientele. Recognizing the positive impacts that have resulted from regular exercise and a commitment to self-care in my own life, I was  excited to be able to offer the opportunity for others. I completed a master’s degree in Educational Psychology at the age of 30 and a doctorate in Multidisciplinary Studies at the age of 53. At 62, I found myself ready for a new and exciting challenge.

Why did you choose this community?

I chose Bellaire because of the strong sense of community that it offers.

What sets your business apart from others like yours?

DEFINE offers 5 different classes that incorporate all the movement needs necessary to maintain a sustainable diet of strength, length and balance; strength building of our barre classes, cardio offered in cycling and trampoline classes, and stretching in our ball rolling and hammock classes.