Houston art campus Sawyer Yards will host Ann Marie Vancas, a local artist specializing in a type of abstract surrealism called “sensuism”, at the Spring Biannual Art Stroll on Saturday, April 28, 2018 and also at the Come Together: A Sawyer Yards Collaborative Exhibition beginning May 12, 2018 through August 12, 2018.
Vancas has a style of her own despite coming from a family of artists, using the artistic style of fauvism and abstract surrealism to create her own coined term “sensuism”, which draws from sensory processes and emotional feelings. Due to a condition called synesthesia, which results in Vancas seeing colors upon hearing music, she uses music and mood to bring colors and feelings to a story on canvas. Her paintings most often feature bold and bright colors, images and shapes. Her art is found primarily in pastel, acrylic, oil, water color, charcoal and graphite. In the studio, Vancas refuses to put any clocks on the walls and paints on the floor to immerse herself into her art without being constrained to time and structured ideas.
The Spring Biannual Art Stroll event will give guests, collectors, designers, art patrons an opportunity to view and shop thousands of original works from more than 300 Houston artists in different disciplines. Participating studios will be donating a portion of the evening’s sales to support the Glassell School of Art Scholarship Fund. Vancas will also take part in Come Together: A Sawyer Yards Collaborative Exhibition, an art exhibition that fosters a spirit of togetherness and inclusion in a time of change and growth. The exhibition will feature tenant artwork created in pairs, especially for the show. Vancas will be collaborating with abstract artist Angela Rose Walling for the exhibition.