From Patrons for Bellaire Parks:

What is red, blue, or green? Can play music or read stories? And can educate and entertain children with their own energy and curiosity for hours in Bellaire? ​​The answer is ​Story Balls!’, ​PATRONS newest donation to the Parks of Bellaire. Children can discover these colorful playground equipment Story Balls when visiting Loftin, Mulberry, and Lafayette Parks.Loftin Story Balls

Story Balls are designed to make Bellaire’s green spaces welcoming and exciting for all ages and capabilities. They play music when the oversized crank is turned by kid energy. PATRONS will soon be sponsoring a contest for original stories to be created by community members that can be programmed to play from the Story Balls for area children to enjoy.

In the past few months, PATRONS’ donations have been popping up in many area pocket and community parks​. “​We hope everyone has seen the Tandem swings that have been installed at Loftin, Feld and Mulberry Parks for a caretaker and child to swing together, and the Zip Line that made its debut in Evergreen Park in January​,” explains PATRONS President, Sharon Veldman. ​Last year began PATRONS’ Pocket Park Campaign by funding two state-of-the-art pieces for Ware Park: the Shadow​ Play Tri-Runner and the Arch Swing.

Still to come, PATRONS has funded an Agility Course for Officer Lucy Dog Park and an exciting new spinning and rotating piece for Feld Park. “​Our goal is to augment Bellaire Parks with playscape features that will enhance imagination play in our community pocket parks and assist in developing them as a place where play can be an inclusive opportunity for multi-generational families and people of all abilities to relax, explore, discover, grow and laugh “explains Kristi Coffey, Executive Board Member.

PATRONS for Bellaire Parks has been fundraising to improve neighborhood parks by hosting community events such as Wine and Tapas, Tents-N-Town, and Dive-in-Movie. Last year PATRONS donated $110,000 to fund new playground equipment for citizens, including limited ability children. “We are putting our donors’ contributions into Bellaire to keep our community thriving,” added Veldman.

PATRONS upcoming event ​Wine and Tapas: ​Wine and Tapas Goes International​ will be held on March 28, 2020. “This is PATRONS’ biggest fundraiser for the year. This event helps all Bellaire Parks and our citizens by raising funds that directly benefit our City,” explains Johnnie Frazier, co-chair of the event.

To join Patrons, donate or to see more about the pocket park effort, go to ​​. PATRONS for Bellaire Parks is a non-profit organization with a volunteer board. It’s the leading voice for making parks and green spaces available to everyone in the surrounding area.

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