KTRK reports that there have been several purse snatchings in our area recently and in one case a “woman was pepper-sprayed and dragged through a parking lot.”

Two incidents happened in the Randalls Parking lot on Holcombe and Buffalo Speedway. According to KTRK, “On June 30, a 76-year-old woman had her purse on her shoulder and was loading groceries when someone walked up to her, grabbing her purse so hard the shoulder strap broke. The suspect ran to a waiting car and took off.”

Another attack happened July 9 and this attack was violent. “The victim says she was getting in her car, her purse on her shoulder, when a woman tapped on her shoulder and sprayed her with mace. The victim told Eyewitness News she tried to fight back, but the suspect pulled her to a nearby car that took off.”

The suspects in both incidents were described as African Americans in a gray sedan.

A third incident happened at the Shell gas station on Buffalo Speedway at the Southwest Freeway. A thief stole a woman’s purse from her passenger side seat while she pumped gas. Even though the woman was on the same side of the car, she had her back to the passenger door and was unaware someone took her purse until she drove away.

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