The City of Bellaire had provided the below overview of the October 15, 2018 Bellaire City Council meeting. These are not the official minutes of the meeting.

– Council interviewed applicants interested in filling a vacancy on the Evelyn’s Park Conservancy Board. During the regular session, City Council appointed Naveen Pinglay to the Evelyn’s Park Conservancy Board.

– City Council held a public hearing on an application for a Specific Use Permit to allow for the operation of a car wash to be located at 5235 Bellaire Boulevard.           – Action on the application is scheduled for the November 5 City Council Meeting.

– A Quarterly Report from Evelyn’s Park Conservancy Board was presented by Lou Waters, President of the Evelyn’s Park Conservancy Board and Patricia King-Ritter, Executive Director of Evelyn’s Park.

– City Council approved the closeout of a completed pavement striping project.
– City Council accepted the withdrawal of RAC Industries LLC bid for the 2016 Bonds for a Better Bellaire Group D Phase 1 Sidewalk project.
– Council voted to repeal an ordinance requiring that all new construction include the installation of sidewalks along each side of a property abutting a public street.
– Removal of the 4600 block of Laurel Street and the 4600 Block of Oleander from the scope of the Bonds for Better Bellaire 2016 Group D Phase 1 Sidewalk project was approved.