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Found Female Shepherd

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From Friends of the Bellaire Pound:

ANOTHER DUMP BELLAIRE, TX Well we went to the pound today and discovered another surprise intake from yesterday 1-7-24. Comes to light she was tied to a resident’s stairs near Braeburn and Chimney Rock and left without food or water. Wonder if they have a Ring camera!? She is now in the Bellaire Pound. She has not been scanned for a chip to our knowledge but has a pink harness.

This is NOT a no-kill facility! It IS NOT climate controlled! FOBP just got two dogs out, and we are already back to 4 full kennels out of 5. BPD updated their policies last year to allow for euthanasia after 72 hours to make space. Truth hurts sometimes. Foster. Adopt. Tag. Save. Share. Or don’t.


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