Principal Michael Mcdonough

Principal Mcdonough

HISD has temporarily reassigned Bellaire High School Principal Michael McDonough while they investigate allegations that he didn’t follow district policy.

While HISD did not give specifics, there has been a recent incidence of bullying at the school that resulted in a 9th grader being physically assaulted. According to, the parent of that student spoke in front of the school board and complained that “administrators at Bellaire High School knew about the bullying allegations” and “school administrators did not respond to her request for a meeting about safety protocol.” “A spokesperson for HISD confirmed to KPRC 2 the allegations were being investigated by the district administration.” According to the article, the 9th grader had recently transferred to Bellaire from Lamar because he was bullied at that school. Dr. Delesa Franklin is serving as acting principal in McDonough’s absence.

Principal McDonough is beloved by many students and parents. Before he was Principal of BHS, he was Principal of Pin Oak Middle School. He is a very involved principal and cares about his students. In a 2020 Three Penny Press article one student recalled an encounter he had with McDonough on his first day of school and said “he’s extremely positive and welcoming,”  “He immediately allayed my nervousness and encouraged me to visit him if I ever passed by his office, and he even remembered my older brother. I think it was so amazing how he is able to be understanding of someone through the relations they have with others,” Another student said, “his enthusiasm is so contagious and I think he has a way of brightening the room or even a short conversation – it’s really amazing how he is able to share that energy too.”

If you are a student, parent, or alumni of Bellaire High School or Pin Oak Middle School and would like to send a letter of support for Principal McDonough to the HISD Board you can send it to the following emails.

Superintendent Millard House II

Deputy Superintendent Rick Cruz

Chief of Schools Denise Watts

Trustee Sue Deigaard