Houston based artist Karen Landrigan has been selected by jury to feature her painting titled ‘Living’ in an upcoming online art show.  The Flagler County Art League in Florida will feature artists from around the world in their virtual show, “Faces and Figures.” 


The juror for the exhibition, Anna Miller, wrote “It was the hardest yet for me to judge this particular show. The mere quantity of very impressive work was overwhelming. I am in awe of the artists participating in this exhibition. The reflection and documentation of human emotions and existence had shown through so many different forms and with such great technical skill. 19 awards are not nearly enough to reward each deserving artist. However, I tried to concentrate on the inner beauty of humanity, everlasting beyond these challenging times.”
Landrigan has been featured in several online art competitions over the past three years and she continues to paint and design her exclusive jewellery collections despite the difficulties brought on by a pandemic.
“This painting is Graham Johnston,” Landrigan said, “my dear friend and an Olympic swimmer. He died recently, a wonderful man and this is my tribute to him.
The show opens online February 28 2021 and will run until May 30th 2021.