Announcement from Javier Vega:

I am running because I believe I can help Bellaire make better decisions.

Javier Vega

My experiences as a naval officer, as President of a Reliant subsidiary, and as an entrepreneur, have taught me to help organizations work efficiently, prioritize initiatives, manage finances, and use frameworks to make difficult decisions.

We are likely the most diverse community among Texas’ most prosperous cities.  Our wants and needs are just as diverse.  We seek the best facilities for our families but realize some still have acute flooding concerns.  Today our city carries $110M of debt. That’s around $16,000 per household.   But austerity is notan option; we must carefully continue to invest in all aspects of our community.

I believe wise spending practices paired with firm commitments to efficiency goals and revenue discipline, will result in efficient agreements on worthy projects while reducing debts.  I have the right quantitative skills and experience to help.

I ask for your support.  I ask for your vote.