From Kevin Newman:

Kevin Newman Announces Candidacy for Bellaire City Council Position 6: Championing Financial Responsibility and Preserving Bellaire’s Unique Charm

Kevin Newman is excited to announce his candidacy for Bellaire City Council Position 6. He is dedicated to championing fiscal responsibility, accountability, and preserving the small-town feel that residents cherish. Kevin Newman aims to secure a prosperous future for Bellaire while ensuring its distinctive community spirit thrives. Newman brings a fresh perspective to the upcoming election.

Kevin Newman

Newman has been a Bellaire resident for over 25 year he is deeply invested in the wellbeing of Bellaire, Newman understands the delicate balance between progress and maintaining the quaint charm that makes Bellaire truly special. He believes that controlled growth can coexist harmoniously with preserving the small-town atmosphere that residents hold dear. Newman is deeply committed to keeping the charm and close-knit atmosphere that makes Bellaire so special. Our city is evolving, but we must remain vigilant to ensure that progress aligns with our small-town values. Newman is resolute in preserving the unique character of Bellaire while embracing positive change.

Key Highlights of Kevin Newman’s Campaign:

Financial Prudence: A keen focus on financial waste and prudent resource management will be the hallmark of his tenure on the City Council. Newman will consistently advocate for responsible budgeting and resource allocation, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are put to their best use.

Accountability: Holding individuals accountable for their actions and decisions is a core principle of Newman’s campaign. He is committed to fostering a culture of transparency, open communication, and accountability within the city government, building a stronger connection between officials and the community they serve.

Balanced Growth: With Bellaire experiencing growth, Newman believes in a well-thought-out approach that nurtures the community’s unique identity. He envisions growth that respects the city’s heritage, keeps green spaces, and supports local businesses while embracing the opportunities of progress.

Community Engagement: Newman is dedicated to ensuring that every resident’s voice is heard. Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives, he plans to champion a collaborative approach to decision-making. Newman aims to involve citizens, community organizations, and local businesses in the policymaking process to ensure that the council’s choices reflect the needs and aspirations of the entire city.

Preserving Bellaire’s Character: Newman’s commitment to keeping Bellaire’s small-town feel is unwavering. He will work diligently to protect the City of Homes and promote initiatives that celebrate its rich heritage. His passion for Bellaire and his steadfast dedication to responsible governance make Kevin Newman the ideal candidate to serve on the City Council. His vision for a financially responsible and community-focused Bellaire aligns with the aspirations of its residents.

Join his campaign to ensure a prosperous future while cherishing the city’s unique character. To learn more about him and his platform, visit, Text 832-791-1515, Email, and stay connected on