The Bellaire Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a Public Hearing regarding rezoning of the former Chevron property now called North Bellaire Special Development District (NBSDD).

North Bellaire Special Development District

The public is encouraged to make comments about the proposed amendments to the zoning of the property, either in writing or by speaking during the telephonic meeting.

Please visit the following links to see how the property was envisioned by an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and how it has evolved based on requests by the builder. The changes will greatly affect residents surrounding the property, which lies between two residential neighborhoods.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Proposed Zoning Changes

From the City of Bellaire:

Notice of a public hearing regarding proposed amendments to Chapter 24, Planning and Zoning Regulations, including Section 24-403, Official Zoning District Map, and Section 24-544, Technical Research Park District (TRPD), to replace the Technical Research Park District (TRPD) with a new zoning district to be titled North Bellaire Special Development District, which will generally include allowances for various commercial, residential and mixed uses through planned developments and different heights, setbacks and coverage. The proposed revisions would be generally applicable to all properties within the current Technical Research Park District (TRPD) and included the revisions of section of Chapter 24, Planning and Zoning Regulations, as applicable, to refer to the new North Bellaire Special Development District.

Purpose: One(1)Public Hearing shall be conducted by the Planning and Zoning Commission of Bellaire,Texas at which all persons interested shall be given an opportunity to be heard.

When: Planning & Zoning Commission Regular Meeting 6:00 PM, Thursday, January 14, 2021

Location: The public hearing will be conducted telephonically due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The public may participate in the telephonic meeting and participation information will be provided on the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda, which will be published on the City’s website,, at least 72 hours prior to the public hearing time.

Public comments regarding the proposed amendments may be sent to

The agenda packet for the January 14, 2021 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting has been uploaded to the City website. To view the documents, please click HERE.

The meeting is being held telephonically. The local dial-in number is 346-248-7799. The toll-free dial-in number is 1-888-475-4499 , and the Meeting ID 819 4287 3820.

For questions regarding telephonic participation in the public hearing or if you wish to participate in the public hearing, please contact the Development Services Department by e-mail or telephone at (713) 662-8241 prior to the hearing.

Further information concerning the proposed amendments may be obtained from the Development Services Department of the City of Bellaire at 7008 South Rice Avenue, Bellaire, Texas during normal business hours.