Found Terrier Mix

 Dogs / Posted 1 year ago by BellaireConnect

FOUND 11/9/20: Male Terrier @ Bellaire Pound. This small male terrier was found today, Monday 11/9, at 8:10am on Laurel between 1st Street and the Feeder outside the Loop in Bellaire. He is approximately two years old. He is not wearing a collar or tags and is not chipped. If this is your dog or you recognize him, please call the Bellaire Police Department dispatch line at 713-668-0487.  You WILL need to supply proof of ownership to claim this dog. This will include producing photographs and veterinary records for him to show BPD officers.

  • Date Found : 11/9/20
  • Location Found : Laurel St. in Bellaire
  • Sex : Male