From the City of Bellaire:

Hello Bellaire!  We would like to introduce Kind Cards, an initiative run by Bellaire citizens, wanting to unite our city. We want Bellaire to be a community where residents genuinely know each other and care about their neighbors, even though we may disagree on certain issues.

Kind Cards

As the weather events of this last week have shown, we ARE a community that can work together, push forward, and be kind to one another.

Kind Cards is on a mission to encourage neighborly spirit throughout the City of Bellaire. Our goal is to send postcards with messages of kindness to every house in Bellaire. We need YOUR participation to make the Kind Cards initiative a success. Here is what you can do to help:

1. Create a hand-drawn card design showing what unity means to you, take a clear picture of your design and submit it to by March 10th.

2. Find or create a short poem talking about the importance of unity and submit it to by March 10th.

3. Find a meaningful quote that relates to unity and submit it to by March 10th.

If you have any other ideas, questions, or suggestions, please email us at Thank you so much!