The Bellaire City Council has approved a specific use permit amendment which will allow the former HISD Gordon Elementary/Mandarin Chinese school building to continue to be used by Kolter Elementary School students.  Kolter Elementary in Meyerland was badly flooded during Hurricane Harvey and is in the process of being rebuilt.

Kolter students used the “Gordon” school last year and it was anticipated that they would use the school for one semester while Kolter was being repaired.  Then HISD decided to build a  new school instead. The amendment to the specific use permit will allow Kolter students to use the school as long as they need to.

While the Gordon school property is slated for use as the new baseball and softball fields for Bellaire High School, this will be delayed and HISD has made other arrangements for BHS.

The Mayor states in his new blog post that “HISD presently anticipates staying three more semesters, until January 2020.  Once the new Kolter is built and Kolter North is vacated, the amendment will terminate and revert back to the underlying specific use permit for baseball and softball, which was approved last September as part of the reconstruction of Bellaire High School.  Meanwhile, the new high school building itself is now underway, and HISD has made alternative arrangements for the baseball and softball teams while they await their new fields.”

Read more in the Mayors latest blog post here.