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Bellaire Police Arrest Man Connected to Marijuana Seized at Home on Merrie Ln.

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From the Bellaire Police Department:

As an update to ongoing events in the city today at approximately 12:20 PM Bellaire Police initiated a traffic stop on a white Mercedes in the 4500 block of Merrie Lane for failure to display a front license plate as required by law. During the investigation into the offense the driver, Gerard Edwards, Jr. (B/M 09/29/1979) was found to be in possession of marijuana and an undisclosed amount of US currency. Mr. Edwards was taken into custody without incident.

Further investigation was able to connect Mr. Edwards to over 600 lbs of marijuana removed from a residence on Merrie Lane on February 8, 2024. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted two counts of Possession of Marijuana against Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards will be transported to the Harris County Jail. As of this time bond has not been set.

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Wow! Nice work BPD!

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This man owns EMF off renwick and Braeburn. It is a dispensary and hope we can run them out of our community. Sketchy customers and they litter everywhere in the neighborhood!

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How do they get away with this? Their terms of service are very interesting. “you may be required to show identification and/or your medical marijuana identification card or doctor's prescription upon request.” May? I thought that was required. They go on to say how marijuana is illegal. But you can just buy it directly from their website. 

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Channel 2 just did a story about how easy it is to get medical marijuana even if you don’t qualify.


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