September 21
12:00 am

Evelyn's Park


You are invited to Sing!Sing!Sing!, a no-audition, no-commitment, live-music, popup singing group, where the audience becomes the choir. Each night, the audience is led by the Sing!Sing!Sing!, (Sing3), music team to learn a 2-3 part harmony arrangement of a particular pop song. Once things are sounding pretty good, we audio and/or video tape our “masterpiece” and post it online. Singers choose the part they wish to sing; lyrics are handed out or projected for all to see.

Hear all Sing!Sing!Sing! recordings at Never perfect, to be sure, but the joy of making them? Fantastic! (Note: always listen to our songs all the way through, we get better as we go along! )

Come join the fun! Singing ability NEVER needed at Sing!Sing!Sing!)

Singx3 meets most 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday’s.

Dining 6 – 7 pm Betsy’s at Evelyn’s Park (Optional, but more fun)
Singing 7 – 9:15 pm-ish

Tickets: $5 (under 16 and over 80 Free). Goes to our musical team.

PUBLIC SERENADE! 9:10 pm Around 9 -9:10 pm, we finish recording and invite any and all to drop-in for a free serenade!

Judi Messina, professional voice and piano teacher, is Singx3’s Musical Director. Richard Gaudette guitarist, singer and song writer, accompanies us on acoustic guitar, while Bob Yoh, percussionist, plays the cajon, among other percussion instruments. Everything else is handled by Barb Reichlin, Sing3 Choirmom and Founder, and Sheri Teinert, Singx3 Associate.

Come sing!