PATRONS for Bellaire Parks ask you to please keep PATRONS and Bellaire Parks in mind in your year-end charitable giving and your plans for 2020. Thank you for considering a donation to help improve the quality of life in our neighborhood that you call home.

Dear Park Patron,

Bellaire is a great place to work, play and call home. One of our most important amenities is our wonderful Park System. Our green spaces, trails and parks, from larger community ones to neighborhood pocket parks give our ‘City of Homes’ increased value, desirability and sets our community apart. Their value has been more evident as we have looked for healthy ways to get out of our homes and be safe. They add value to our community in countless ways.

In 2019, PATRONS for Bellaire Parks kicked off the Pocket Park Project donating over $130,000 dollars to help renovate Ware Family Park with play equipment that is inclusive for children of limited abilities. In 2020, PATRONS continued supporting this project and provided contributions for installation of inclusive playground equipment at six more Bellaire parks. New tandem Konnection Swings were placed at Feld and Evergreen Parks; a fabulous spinning and climbing ‘Rev8’ was placed at Feld Park; and Agility Canine play features were donated to Officer Lucy Dog Park. These new playground pieces are part of the donations by PATRONS that placed the Zip-Line in Evergreen Park, and Konnection Swings and Story Balls in Loftin and Lafayette Parks. Additional features for our community green spaces can only be funded with your continued support of PATRONS. Your support is critical to our shared goal for such wonderful additions to our City. We ask you to support your community, your homes and families, and your Parks by making a donation to PATRONS. It is a donation that directly supports you right back.

Bellaire’s green spaces matter; please help support PATRONS for Bellaire Parks. With the end of the year approaching you can help Patrons with that mission in some timely ways:

  • Consider a Tribute Paver in Bellaire Town Square Donor Plaza as a thoughtful way to honor someone you are struggling to find a special gift for; or your family or your company’s name to be etched in the plaza as a recognized Bellaire supporter. Click here for more information on tribute gifts.

  • If your company offers matching funds, please don’t let those funds go unused. Consider putting those funds into bettering Bellaire Parks and our community.

  • If you’re looking for a worthy cause for end of year donations or tax credits – think of using your green to seed some improvements in Bellaire trails. Click here to make a donation.

  • Use Amazon Smile when buying to give even more to Patrons. Visit AmazonSmile; select PATRONS as your charitable organization and .5% of the eligible purchases will be donated to Patrons.

PATRONS for Bellaire Parks is a non-profit organization with a volunteer board working for you. We’ve been the leading voice for making parks and green spaces available for everyone. PATRONS has donated funds to improve our neighborhood parks by hosting community events such as Wine and Tapas, Tents-N-Town, and Dive-in-Movie since 2005. To join PATRONS, donate or to see more about the Pocket Park Project, go to

PATRONS for Bellaire Parks