From the City of Bellaire:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in different ways. We recognize that a balance of safety precautions to prevent the spread of the virus coupled with some semblance of normalcy is going to help us all make it through this time. A major aspect of fighting the spread of the virus is to limit social contact. As a result, our City-sponsored public events have been significantly scaled back or canceled over the past few months. To that effect, the City’s 4th of July festival on the great lawn was canceled. Still, we intended to continue with the parade effort while enforcing social distancing and other measures to keep the participants safe.

Unfortunately, several factors have led us to make the decision to cancel the City of Bellaire July 4th Parade as well. Our participation rates for parade entrants are understandably down from years past, and the virus is continuing to spread in our area at an alarming rate. With those things in mind, we have chosen to cancel the parade this year and continue to look to the coming months for the right opportunities to revive our efforts for civic events when the time is right for everyone involved. We encourage you to continue to practice social distancing, wear a face-covering in public, and stay home when possible. We also encourage you to keep the Bellaire community spirit alive as best we can during this time… albeit from a safe distance.

Brant Gary
Assistant City Manager