From the City of Bellaire:

Substandard and abandoned homes in Bellaire have been a topic of concern. The City of Bellaire is continually working to identify homes and follow established protocols as outlined in Bellaire Code of Ordinances 76-033, Chapter 22, Section 46 and Chapter 9, Section9-81C.  The City will intervene and contact the owner when a structure poses a hazard to public health. The City does not have standards relating to any mandated occupancy or appearance of homes in Bellaire. In other words, it is not illegal for a home in Bellaire to be abandoned or “ugly.”

From an initial list of 126 documented un-remediated homes that suffered flood damage from Harvey, the Development Services Department has worked to reduce that number to three.  Those three homes have been issued citations and Municipal Court proceedings are pending.  Should the problems not be solved during the court process, those properties will end up before the Building & Standards Commission for the substandard housing review process.

Questions or concerns about substandard homes in Bellaire should be directed to the Development Services Department at 713-662-8230.  Suspected substandard homes may be reported through the Resident Request Tracker available on the City website. Follow the link here, Resident Request Tracker.