Houstonian Rani Puranik, Executive Director of The Puranik Foundation, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Houston and operating a private residential school in India, is pleased to announce the launch of Devices For Dreams – a fundraising campaign to raise $25,000 for 100 tablets to help children that attend the Vision International Learning Center (VILC) in Pune, India to fulfill their dreams by providing them with the tools and resources to achieve them.
Devices For Dreams
“Distance learning is becoming a challenge for children who live in under-resourced areas and third-world countries,” said Puranik, Executive Director of The Puranik Foundation and CFO of Worldwide Oilfield Machine. “The pandemic has forced schools like ours to transition to virtual learning with limited resources. We are determined to empower children, help them achieve their dreams, and make sure they have access to a computer and internet to learn and succeed.”
The Puranik Foundation’s “Devices For Dreams” campaign goal is to raise enough funds by December 25, 2020 to purchase 100 tablets for the children attending VILC. The campaign will provide a digital device and resources for children to continue learning online and at a distance. Individuals, organizations and corporations can support the campaign by donating at various levels that include:
  • $250 to cover the cost of one tablet inclusive of all accessories for one child (tablet, keypad, case, screen protector and insurance)
  • $100 for device accessories only
  • $50 for digital device insurance only
  • Other (any amount)
In addition to a monetary donation of any amount, the Puranik Foundation is also encouraging supporters to help spread the word via social media and share the information to connect the foundation to donors. Campaign donors and supporters will receive recognition in various formats, including social media. For more information about “Devices For Dreams,” to contribute and support, visit http://www.puranikfoundation.org/Devices4Dreams.
About the Puranik Foundation 501(c)(3)
The Puranik Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Houston, Texas that owns and operates a school in Pune, India called Vision International Center. The Foundation believes in providing educational opportunities that open minds, stimulate holistic perspectives and inspire transformation. Seated on 27-acres of sustainable land, the school provides private education to underserved children grades K-12 at no cost. Housing and meals throughout the week along with a curriculum enriched with nature exploration, mindfulness practices, critical thinking exercises and leadership training are included.
The Puranik Foundation was founded 20 years ago and is the corporate social responsibility arm of Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) a global design and manufacturer of flow equipment valves for the oil and gas business. Twice a year high school, college students, as well as teachers, professors and mindfulness practitioners from around the world are invited to visit the campus to participate in one of three week-long Global Service Leadership Programs hosted by the Foundation.
For more information visit www.puranikfoundation.org and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.