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Identity Theft Suspect Captured!

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Posted by the Bellaire Police Department on November 2.

This morning at 0600 hours, the Bellaire Special Response Team, coordinating with the Criminal Investigation Division, conducted a warrant service operation in northern Harris County. Units worked together to capture defendant Joshua J. Kelly, who had two active felony warrants for stealing personal identifying information of two Bellaire residents.

Suspects used the information to open numerous lines of credit and commit fraud. During the arrest operation, a passenger, Melvin W. Spicer, was arrested and charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Investigators have since learned of victims from multiple states who were victimized by the defendant and co-defendants. This investigation is continuing, and additional charges are being filed.

Special thanks to Det. J. Jenkins for his work on this case. It is the hard work of our good people that takes bad guys off the streets.

Identity Theft Suspect

   Pictured: Joshua J. Kelly, Melvin W. Spicer


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